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The Alexa Skill for Power Users

The Node-RED Connector links your Node-RED Instance to your Alexa Account, allowing you to use a wide variety of Alexa voice intents to trigger workflows within your own Node-RED Instance.

The platform is free to use for 14 days without purchase (built-in grace period). To continue using the platform after 14 days purchase a Amazon Alexa in-skill subscription for $1/Month. More details available in the Subscription Documentation.

Getting Started

The next few sections will guide you through configuring your Alexa Account and Devices to work with your existing Node-RED installation. After completing these steps be sure to read the Documentation to fully understand the capabilities and limitations.

Step One: Enable the Node-RED connector skill
  1. From the Alexa SPA or from your Alexa App search for and Enable the Node-RED Connector skill.
  2. You will be redirected to the Node-RED Alexa Platform to link your Alexa account. Sign in with one of our available OAuth Providers.
  3. After linking your Alexa account with the Node-RED Alexa Platform you should be redirected back to your Alexa App.
  4. Visit your Account page to review your account information.
  5. Continue to Step Two.

Step Two: Install Node-RED alexa connector nodes
  1. From your Node-RED Instance open the palette menu: Menu -> Manage Palette.
  2. On the Install tab search for @nrac/node-red-contrib-alexa-connector.
  3. Click Install on the @nrac/node-red-contrib-alexa-connector node package.
  4. Continue to Step Three.

Step Three: Deploy the example flow
  1. From your Node-RED Instance open the menu: Menu -> Import -> Clipboard.
  2. Copy and Paste the following nodes into the import textarea.

  3. Continue to Step Four.

Step Four: Link your Node-RED instance
  1. In the example flow, double click on the skill-request node.
  2. follow the instructions to link your Node-RED Instance with the Node-RED Alexa Connector Platform.
  3. Continue to Step Five.

Step Five: Try some example intents
  1. Turn to your Alexa Device and try a few of these sample utterances:

    Alexa, ask node red to invoke MyCustomCommand

    Alexa, ask node red to turn on MyDevice

    Alexa, ask node red to find SomeSpecialQuery

    Alexa, tell node red to create MyItem

  2. Your Done! Be sure to read through the docs to learn more.